RJ has always been an inspiring person. Prior to a life-changing motor vehicle accident in 2011, he attended college full time, worked two jobs, had his own apartment, an active social life, and a girlfriend. He was ambitious and full of hope, working as much as possible so he could save up the funds necessary to open his own daycare facility.

After the accident, medical professionals informed the family that RJ would most likely remain in a vegetative state. Through his family’s support and prayers, RJ overcame tremendous odds and survived. His family reached out to Project Genesis in December of 2012, and services through our Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Program started on January 1, 2013.

In the beginning, RJ received 24/7 support from us. He was limited to using a wheelchair, had minimal ability to perform basic activities of daily living, needed extensive PCA services, and had no natural supports outside of his family.

Four years later, RJ now lives independently in his own apartment, where he hosts a University of Connecticut Support Group. He does his housecleaning and laundry with minimal assistance, cooks his own meals, and budgets his finances. He’s also reconnected with three good friends.

RJ attends Manchester Community College, taking three courses per semester. And he attends the gym, working persistently with his physical therapist and Project Genesis staff.

He now walks with a 4-prong cane. And on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Smiling the entire time.

Four years ago, that would have been considered impossible. But RJ and his team always maintained that impossible is how you choose to define it.