Distance Learning: A New Context for a Proven Model

Since 1992, our organization has maintained that all students can be successful with individualized & creative supports. We work with more than 40 school districts and colleges across Connecticut to provide one-on-one academic, behavioral, and transition services aligned with Individualized Education Plans (IEP).

Transition services are fundamentally about helping an individual prepare for and adjust to a “new normal”—a phrase that now carries significant meaning for everyone. While COVID-19 has disrupted the educational environment, it also has inspired new means of delivering connection, learning, and support.

Our Educational Mentors are supporting students with special educational needs through an array of custom distance learning opportunities, including:

  • Academic instruction and tutoring via Microsoft Teams.
  • Coaching on how to navigate online college courses.
  • Social learning experiences, including groups that meet regularly on different topics.
  • Assignments and guidance on independent living skill development.
  • At-home vocational learning opportunities based on personal interests.
  • And even virtual job coaching!

At the same time, each support is an opportunity to help students cope with this new existence. Our services are trauma-informed and seek to recognize and assist the whole student.

Our Educational Mentors are committed to quality and will provide the data and reporting needed to monitor student IEP goals and accommodations. We also are following the recommendations of the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition for helping students continue to work on their transition goals.

The supports we provide will continue to evolve alongside our “new normal.” Still, one thing is certain:
With Project Genesis, you have a proven partner in empowering student success.