Project Genesis began working with Andrew through our Special Education Support Services (SESS) Program in 2012. After he graduated from RHAM, Andrew enrolled at Manchester Community College.

SESS Mentor, Diana Bosch and SESS Program Manager, Adib Quazi, aided Andrew’s transition to college through a range of academic support services. They helped him enhance his organization skills, become familiar with the campus and faculty, develop good study habits, engage effectively with professors, meet and study with peers, properly access the library and resource office, prioritize responsibilities, and finally, prepare for exams.  

Andrew started taking two classes per week and ended up doubling his course load—all with the same number of support hours from his Mentor. Andrew’s mother, Irene shared, “The reason for Andrew’s success is Diana’s involvement and how she imparted in him the importance of repetition and organization. Adib and Diana are an amazing team for my son.”

In May of 2015, Andrew graduated from Manchester Community College! They are truly an inspirational team.