At Project Genesis, we believe everyone has the right to a full range of life experiences. And we know that each person who desires to live and work in their community can be successful, regardless of the obstacles they face.

We serve individuals throughout Connecticut with:

  • acquired brain injury
  • intellectual or emotional disabilities
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • substance abuse
  • mental illness and more

We make a difference, one person at a time, by tailoring our supports to meet each consumer’s unique needs and ambitions.

We build a more diverse and inclusive community, together, with our fellow providers, advocates, and employers.


Individualized Services

Each person receiving services is unique and deserves to have our support focused on their own, specific dreams and goals. Since our inception, our commitment to individualized services has set us apart.


One of our strongest guiding principles is the belief that the relationships between our consumers, stakeholders, and each other are key elements to the development of productive services. When there is a relationship of trust, people are better able to strive and to achieve their best.

Honesty & Integrity

We have a commitment to open and honest communication and our actions are governed by integrity. No organization is perfect. At Project Genesis, we try to own our mistakes just as we celebrate our successes.


At Project Genesis, we never stop trying to do our best for our consumers, our employees and our communities. We are committed to providing the highest quality services and opportunities. We welcome the opinions of our consumers, employees and stakeholders and regularly request information about how we are doing informally and through satisfaction surveys. This information guides our continual effort to do our best.

  • Anthony P. Leroux, Chair
  • Anthony Viggiano, Vice Chair
  • Tara Beatty, Secretary
  • Dwight Bachman, Member
  • Laura Hitt, Member
  • Tonya Rayment, Member
  • Brandon Rothschild, Member
  • Kathy Rathan