“I can’t think of any ways to make services any better.”

ABI Survivor

“My dealings with Project Genesis workers are consistently positive. Referrals are appropriate; appointments are arranged in a polite manner; and the relationships between workers and consumers at our benefits meeting are always caring and pleasant.”

BRS Benefits Specialist

“Project Genesis staff are always respectful to their consumers. I always welcome the opportunity to meet with them.”

BRS Benefit Specialist

“Project Genesis is a wonderful program. The Program Managers were professional, had a great working knowledge of my son’s disability and needs for support. Everyone who worked with him was really great – which says a lot for the program!”

SESS Family Member

“Decisions were made collaboratively and outcomes were positive.”

SESS Family Member

“We have said from the very beginning that our daughter is a success story waiting to happen. Thank you for hearing us. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you all for believing in her.”

SESS Family Member

“I am proud of the work and dedication we at Project Genesis strive for every day. The desire to enrich and empower our consumers is a goal of commitment and teamwork that I am honored to be a part of.”

Darlene ColleloSESS Mentor

“We find working with your organization, especially for those who do not fit traditional or non-traditional models of education to be excellent.”

SESS Family Member

“I am so very impressed with the growth of one of my students through the work of Project Genesis staff! It has been great working with each and every person on your staff.”

SESS Collaborator

“We appreciate not only your quality of services but also your responsiveness and flexibility to the needs of our students, their parents, and our district.”

SESS Collaborator