Creating Opportunities for people with disabilities.
Project Genesis, Inc. believes that all persons, regardless of their disability, have the right to enjoy the same full range of life experiences which others in their community enjoy. We believe that each person who desires to live and work in their community can be successful.
Mission Statement
Project Genesis is dedicated to providing individualized supports and training which empower people with disabilities to successfully meet their needs, achieve their desires and enjoy the full range of life experiences within their communities.
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Acquired Brain Injury Program
Project Genesis is a provider for the Acquired Brain Injury Medicaid Waiver Program in Connecticut.
We provide the highest caliber of supports, directed to the individual's development of skills necessary to enjoy independence in their community.
Special Education Support Services
Project Genesis provides individualized academic support and transition services for students with disabilities throughout Connecticut.
We are committed to the belief that one positive relationship can change a student's life immeasurably for the better.
Adults with Disabilities Jobs Program
Project Genesis provides vocational services to individuals with disabilities through the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services.
We offer job development, assessment and job coaching services through a network of employers in virtually every industry and every level of employment.